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number 12263246  and whose Registered Office is situated at 207 Regent Street (3rd Floor) London W1B 3HH

Resolving Your Disputes 
Out of Court

We are a panel of mediators trained and dedicated to helping people resolve their disputes without the delay, stress and cost of going to court.

See You Out Of Court mediators not only offer traditional mediation processes but new techniques developed with the aid of technology, whether to enable negotiations to be conducted online (especially useful when the parties are at a physical distance) or to enable Artificial Intelligence to help improve the process.


Two key pieces of software available for our

panel are:- 


1. Smartsettle

SmartsettleONE is a ground breaking visual

blind bidding system that, by enabling the

parties in dispute to enter not just offers

seen  by the other party but offers  not seen

by the other party, speeds up reaching

agreement over an amount of money.


The mediator can also conduct discussions separately with each party in private chat rooms. This conversation can be used to set conditions of the bidding as in “I will make an offer on condition that you agree to….” See a short video here. 

Smartsettle Infinity – this is a development on from ONE for more complex disputes with multiple parties and multiple elements to be included in a settlement. 

More details about Smartsettle Infinity,  including how Infinity was used at the International Business Festival held in Liverpool in 2018 to resolve the Brexit negotiations.

To avoid misunderstandings the Smartsettle software does not involve delegating decision making to the machine. On the contrary it improves the control of the mediator and the impact of his skills. No settlement is reached without it coming within the range of what each side is agreeable to.

Importantly,  even when both sides reach agreement on a proposal by using Smartsettle Infinity, the system then considers whether any value has been 'left on the table' by either side and, if so, can offer an improvement on the settlement that adds more value to one or other of the parties without reducing the value to the other. 


CREK-ODR was launched at the 19th International Forum on Online Dispute Resolution held in October 2019 in Williamsburg, VA, USA. It is a very comprehensive online platform on which all or part of the mediation discussions (at the discretion of the mediator) can take place. For more details and a video go to