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smartsettle infinity

Smartsettle Infinity is an advanced AI driven ODR product of iCan Systems Inc of Canada and is designed for complex negotiations involving many issues between many parties.


Templates can be configured which, in addition to the blind bidding tool (SmartsettleONE) , enable multiple issues to be applied as conditions of a payment offer, e.g. payment over a period of time, or withdrawal of an adverse online review, or, in a B2B dispute, agreement to continue doing business together.

Since use of Smartsettle Infinity is complex and requires to be applied by mediators trained specifically in its use.As an example of how its power can resolve complex disputes, Infinity was used at a conference on ODR organised in Liverpool in 2018 by Graham Ross  to resolve a dispute with a fair degree of complexity – Brexit!

Infinity works by requiring the parties to submit packages of settlement proposals covering the various elements represented by the horizontal bars and, in respect of each such element, the parties indicate the degree of importance to them of that element. The system evaluates each proposal according to what it learns from the various alternate proposals and the degree of importance placed on each element of them by each party. The packages of proposals may be disclosed to the other party or kept secret. With the machine knowledge so generated the system will then submit its own suggested packages. Each party also has the option of disclosing a package to the other side that masquerades as a suggestion by the system. This avoids parties rejecting a proposal simply because it came from their opponent. If at any time both parties indicate acceptance of the same package this fact is declared. That is not the end of the matter since another algorithm in the system will then investigate whether the package can be improved by identifying value “left on the table”. The parties themselves will determine at the outset, within mutually agreed terms for the process, whether any settlement identified is to be binding or “without prejudice”.


Here you can see a model set up  to resolve supply chain disputes.

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